Unit D: Planning - Support  

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Unit D has, among others, the following responsibilities:

  • Drafts the annual program for the application’s technical support operations in collaboration with other units and submits it for approval.
  • Performs the application’s technical support operations whose beneficiary is the Intermediate Managing Authority and keeps records on the physical and financial subject of these projects.
  • Prepares, in cooperation with other units, and submits to the General Secretary of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, an annual action plan for next year, with quantitative and qualitative objectives, based on the strategic planning of the Conference of Presidents of the Monitoring Committees.
  • Prepares periodical reports on achieved results in relation to annual objectives, in collaboration with other units.
  • Organizes and runs the MIS Office and the Information Office to provide direct information and guidance to involved stakeholders.
  • Supports the organization of the meetings of the Monitoring Committee of the regional operational programme.

    Last modification date: 06/04/2010