Unit C: On-site verifications  

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Unit C has, among others, the following responsibilities:

  • Confirms the adequacy of the management of potential beneficiaries.
  • Reviews the development stages of public contracts, in particular during the declaration, award and contract modification processes.
  • Performs on-site verifications to confirm the delivery of co-financed products and services and the actual implementation of the expenses declared by the beneficiaries, the keeping of a separate accounting quota or adequate accounting coding, and the compliance of operations with national and EU rules.
  • Drafts reports on the on-site verifications carried out and recommends their approval by the competent body.
  • Maintain records on the MIS regarding on-site verifications carried out and monitors any findings in accordance with the standards and procedures of the management and control system.
  • Collaborates with Unit B to issue the decision of the act’s completion.

    Last modification date: 06/04/2010