Unit B: Monitoring and Management of Acts  

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Unit B has, among others, the following responsibilities:

  • Monitors the implementation of co-financed acts and ensures their implementation based on the inclusion decision and the legally binding commitments.
  • Submits the required information for major projects to the Commission.
  • Conducts administrative verifications to confirm the delivery of co-financed products and services and the actual implementation of the expenses declared by the beneficiaries.
  • Maintains records on the MIS regarding verifications carried out in accordance with the standards and procedures of the management and control system.
  • Provides reporting data on the progress of the operations’ implementation to the public services responsible for funding.
  • Collaborates with the National Coordination Authority and the competent coordination authority responsible on ESF issues and provides them with all the requested information.

    Last modification date: 06/04/2010