ROP Objectives 

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The actions of the Operational Programme “Western Greece – Peloponnese – Ionian Islands” are divided into three General Objectives in order to achieve the synergy between them as well as with the interventions of the other programmes and to meet the General Development objective of the programme.

  1. General objective 1: Development and modernization of the accessibility infrastructure
  2. General objective 2: Digital convergence utilizing information and communication technologies and invigoration of entrepreneurship
  3. General objective 3: Sustainable development and quality of life

The three objectives will be supported by technical application support actions.

The above objectives correspond to the Priority Axes of the Operational Programme. Every General Objective – Priority Axis specializes, in turn, in specific objectives. 

In more detail:

General objective 1:  Development and modernization of the accessibility infrastructure

Specific Objectives of Objective 1 are:

  • Upgrade and completion of the local range regional transport infrastructure
  • Creation of safety conditions and traffic management systems in the programming area 
  • Support of harbor infrastructures in order to enhance fishery.  A provision has been made for the financing of fishery infrastructure (e.g. fishing harbors) for cases where needs are not covered by the European Fisheries Fund.
    Upgrade and completion of transportation infrastructure, with the respective variations per administrative Region, focus on the following:
    • completion of the road network of the territorial section, with a priority for the regional / local streets and national highways. The completion of the Inter-European Network of the territorial section will be done through interventions in the programming area by sectoral operational programmes.
    • modernization of road and railway infrastructure, harbors and airports in the programming area aiming at improving the service level and the safety of the users.

The specialization of the general objective per intervention sector includes:

  • Road Transportation – Road network.
  • Rail Transportation.
  • Sea Transportation.
  • Air Transportation.

General objective 2:  Digital convergence utilizing information and communication technologies and invigoration of entrepreneurship

Specific Objectives of Objective 2 are:

  • Integration of new technologies in production process and adoption of innovative practices and concepts in business, penetration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the enterprises and local government entities
  • Enhancement of business by establishing new and enhancing the existing enterprises engaged in all the sectors of economy, promotion of special forms of tourism, incorporation of quality standards and in general expansion and modernization of business, enhancement of applied research and technology production, connection of entrepreneurship and innovation and orientation of local traditional sectors and new enterprises towards sectors of higher added value.
  • Enrichment of interventions of integrated character to support territorial cohesion by enhancing the productive capacities of the territorial section and bringing out its dynamic sectors.
  • Promotion of investment plans

General objective 3:  Sustainable development and quality of life

Specific Objectives of Objective 3 are:

  • Improvement of protection conditions for the natural and human environment, as primary resources for the development of territorial section, but also for the improvement of the quality of life.
  • Protection, promotion and utilization of cultural wealth
  • Improvement of communication and intra-regional inequalities, by implementing interventions of integrated character in order to support territorial cohesion, as well as to improve the living conditions of all vulnerable social groups
  • Quality and quantity improvement of social infrastructure (education and health – providence) and improvement of the conditions for the provision of social services.
  • Upgrade of tourist services, improvement of tourist infrastructure and promotion of territorial section at both national and international level
  • Reduction of unemployment and promotion of the equality of the sexes.

Last modification date: 08/06/2010